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Slide 1

Water for everyone

Slide 2

So grey and so serious!

Slide 3

No photoshop at all!

Slide 4

Maybe the last not-block-flat-house in my neighbourhood

Slide 5

Life (dance school) and Death (ΕΝΟΙΚΙΑΖΕΤΑΙ)

Slide 6

A bed everywhere

Slide 7

Time goes by

Slide 8

Hide and Seek

Slide 9


Slide 10

Underground spaces

Slide 11

Renovate everything

Slide 12

Color the grey of our lifes

Slide 13

Color your space

Slide 14


Slide 15

Intercult Tales

Slide 16

City Port

Slide 17

Proposal of the times

Slide 18

City Blues

Slide 19

Wonders in the Park

Slide 20

Retro Balconies

Slide 21

Iron gaze

Slide 22

Past gets (a)live

Slide 23

Construct with a(l)ttitude

Slide 24

Stand by me

Slide 25

Desert scene in the city

Slide 26

A city under construction

Slide 27

People and places in transition

Slide 28

City speaks at city link

Slide 29

Up in the air

Slide 30

Legendary history greeting the sky

Slide 31

Blue and dreamy

Slide 32

Meeting Points-Then and Now

Slide 33

I, you, IT, we

Slide 34

Ανάμεσα στο πράσινο και το τσιμέντο, οι χελώνες του Κεραμεικού φέρουν στο καβούκι τους πρόγονους και παρελθόν για να διδαχτούν οι νέες γενεές και να χτίσουνε το μέλλον.

Slide 35

City Mind

Slide 36

shreds of hope and compassion in the city of Athens

Slide 37

Χελώνη η ελληνική,πατρίδα μου,βραδύ γλυπτό,που προσπερνάει τον Άδη

Slide 38

Let's see what the city has to say

Slide 39

The city laughs

Slide 40

On the road searching for parks in transition

Slide 41

Exploring Mr. Taxiarchopoulos' workroom

Slide 42

The view from my appartment

Slide 43

Shopping and Art at Kerameikos

Slide 43

Sky Pentagram

Slide 45

Urban acrobats

Slide 46

Gray sky ... lights off

Slide 47

Street Art

Slide 48

Homey Wall

Slide 49

An Elegantly-aged Bus Stop

Video Responses

The videos found below constitute short responses to our project key question: "What does the phrase 'urban environments in transition' mean to you and your artistic or scholarly practice?". The insight each one of our participants contributes reveals the dynamics and transformative potential of urban spaces worldwide.


Christina Jackson, Associate Professor of Sociology, Stockton University, U.S.



Ranu Basu, Associate Professor in Human Geography, Department of Geography, York University, Toronto, Canada.

Konstantinos Blatanis, Lecturer in American Literature and Culture, Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Athens, Greece.

Zoe Charalambous, poet and Ph.D. Candidate at the Institute of Education, London, U.K.

Tom Chivers, poet/editor/live literature promoter, London, U.K.

Christina Dokou, Assistant Professor in American Literature and Culture, Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Athens, Greece.

Αthina Dragkou, actor/director of A4M performing art group/theater researcher, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Thanasis Gogadis, radio producer, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Fotini Hamidieli, painter and School teacher, Greece.

Apostolos Kalfopoulos, Lecturer in School of Architecture (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)/member of Dynamo group, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Yiorgos Kalogeras, Professor of American Ethnic and Minority Literature, School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Ruth Margraff, playwright/librettist/lyricist/performer, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, U.S.

Ilias Marmaras, media artist, Athens, Greece.

Dimitris Michalaros, visual artist, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Rachel Moore, visual artist, Vermont, U.S.

Kamillo Nollas, photographer, Athens, Greece.

Philippos Oraiopoulos, Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece.

Georgios Papaioannou, director/editor/cinematographer, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Valentina Paraskevaidou, theater director/actress at art company SoorLiBooM, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Erika Perahia-Zemur, Director of Jewish Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Catherine Rogers, playwright and performer; Joe Goldman, videography; New York, U.S.
(© Rogers and Goldman; for use of the material copyright permission is required)

Liana Sakelliou-Schultz, Professor in American Literature and Creative Writing,
Faculty of English Language and Literature, University of Athens, Greece.

Antonis Satrazanis, author/Head of the City of Thessaloniki History Center, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Eszter Szakacs, curator/researcher, Budapest, Hungary.

Panos Theodoridis, architect and writer, Thessaloniki/Athens, Greece.

Youli Theodosiadou, Associate Professor in American Literature and Culture, School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Chryssa Tzelepi, film director/producer/writer, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Thessaloniki Volunteer Group 2012, environmental activism, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Sotos Zachariadis, visual artist, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, visual artist and Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece.

Artemis Zenetou, Executive Director, Fulbright Foundation, Athens, Greece.